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Axiom Air 61 rotary knobs?

I'm loosing my mind with the rotary knobs on my Axiom Air 61. As you all (might) know, the rotary knobs on the device can be turned around and around, so there's no traditional limit of 0 to 127 on those. But now there lies a problem: the change on the value is more related to the speed of turning the knobs, not how much you actually turn them. In other words, if I turn any of the knobs really slow it takes several full rotations for the (filter/resonance/velocity/what ever) value to move from 0 to 127, or vice versa. If I turn them really fast, then it takes about one fifth of a turn for the value to go from 0 to 127.

So, if I have, let's say for example filter change from value 30 to 40, which will take effect on a half bar long slice of my song, how am I suppose to do that with my Air 61? I have to turn the knob so fast that the value changes not to 40, but actually something over 100. And same goes for another way around. If I'd like to have a value change from 110 to 20 on a 8 bar long bit on my track then I'd have to turn the knob so slowly that the value changes only from 110 to 60.

If this is the way how it is actually designed to work, could you please explain how I'm supposed to get the amount of change I want in the time scale I want. And this is the same regardless of the DAW, the value on the screen of the device behaves exact the same way whether there's any DAW started up or not. And if there is any DAW open the values changes there respectively as on the device's own display.

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