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M-Audio M-Track C-Series 2x2 USB Audio Interface


Noob here, from the mid-fi audio world. I am trying to set up a simple desktop system for electronic music. I've done fine the past 7 years just using various products I've purchased from Schiit, SMSL, and SPL.

But I've been really wanting the M-Track mostly due to price and looks as as I need volume control on my active PSB Monitors and a simple headphone jack so I don't have to plug directly to my Mac.


The M-Track states it supports 24-192, but there's nothing else suggesting there's any kind of DAC chip in the interface. I also wouldn't think for $99 a DAC would be included unless it was coming out this year--due to decreasing price of DACS in Hi-Fi world.

If it does include a DAC chip--what's the make and model?

Thx for your time.
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  • Hey zedzedr,

    Thanks for posting!

    Since the M-Track 2X2 converts the digital audio signal coming from your computer via USB to its analog outputs (main outs or headphone out) it is a DAC! With that in mind, however, I do not have the specific information regarding what chipset is used in this audio interface.

    If you would like a list of the available specifications for the M-Track 2X2 hardware, check the appendix section of its user guide (found at the very end of the document). The user guide can be found here under the USB Audio and MIDI Interfaces category:

    M-Audio - Documentation Search

    I hope this helps you! Let me know if you have any questions.
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