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M-Audio Oxygen 49 to Propellerhead Reason!

I recently purchased the Oxygen 49 which was an upgrade from my Oxygen 25 I used within the DAW. I am having a hard time mapping the transport controls to the software. My record, stop and play buttons as well as the sliders and faders are not communicating with the program! Help!
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  • Hi Terrence,

    Thanks for posting!

    Depending on which Oxygen model you have you'll need to make sure that you have activated the Directlink mode by either 1) pressing the AUTO or MAP button (Oxygen MKIV) or 2) Choosing preset 10 (MKIII model).

    In Reason, you should also go to your Preferences > Control Surface and add the Oxygen 49, 3rd gen as a control surface. Set the Input port to the Oxygen 49.

    I hope this helps!
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