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I’m thankful

M-audio Venom VST 3rd party Exist

Ok I bought a Venom a long time ago and like everyone else I eagerly wanted a VST which in turn was never released good job on that support anyways I searched and I mean search everything everywhere for anything to use the venom as a vst and finally found one made by a third party. Fortunately to try it is free but to unlock its full potential you must buy it which I have yet to do But I am proud to say this will enable you to use you venom as a vst and control it and automate it within your vst

I didnt read the rules of the forum and frankly I think we all deserve to know someone out there finally answered our prayers so here

The webpages direct link seemed to fail but I manage to get in by looking at recent comments on the vst I wish you all good luck and bid you ado
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