i bought the m-audio 2x2 c type interface and ive tried installing all drivers and nothing is working, the device comes up in device manager but has the yellow exclamation point i went further into seeing whats wrong and all it says is that all drivers are fine but there are some problems with pnp devices. thats the only thing i can find holding me back. pls help very frustrated.
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  • My M-Track 2x2M is recognized by my computer off and on - mostly off. It's getting power thru the USB-C cable, but usually nothing else. It's getting the MIDI signal from my keyboard, but not communicating with the computer - 64-bit Windows 10. I've downloaded the current driver. This is my 2nd M-Track 2x2M. You guys replaced the first one. I have to have an interface that works! Did I waste my money?
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