M-Audio Fast Track Pro Driver for Windows 8

Hello Everybody

I want to buy a new Notebook with Windows 8 on it. I want to use my Interface from M-Audio (M-Audio Fast Track Pro) with a Shure-Mircrophon.

So i searched for the Driver for it, but i don't find it.

Please, can You maybe help me?

I don't want to have problems like this, when i buyed the new Notebook.

So maybe it runs with the newest Driver. The Driver for Windows 7, but i want to be shure.

Can You give me some Informations?

I would be really glad!

Thank You!,
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  • Thanks for contacting Support. I’m happy to assist you.
    M-Audio is now part of inMusic Brands.
    Please note that the following M-Audio branded products were not included in the acquisition, and will continue to be sold, supported, and serviced by Avid:

    • Fast Track USB
    • Fast Track
    • Fast Track Pro
    • Fast Track Ultra
    • Fast Track Ultra 8R
    • Fast Track C400
    • Fast Track C600
    • MobilePre USB
    • MobilePre

    For support or service on these products, please contact Avid.
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