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I’m frustrated

Older Midisport 2x2 driver for Windows 7(64bit) sp1 driver..where can I find one that works?

I am trying to install an older M-Audio midisport 2x2 on a Windows 7(64) pc SP1. I am trying to find the right driver as the M-audio 2x2 driver I see does not work. I did the USB port update and the registry cleaner, just in case. Every effort still gives me no green lights on the unit and "no driver found" when I plug the unit in. It is only in the device manager once, and manually trying to choose the installed 2x2 driver also fails. I am simply trying to put ONE song into a piece of sheet music, so I don't want to buy a newer device (yet).

Random notes:I am not getting a digital signature error. It does not appear to be an anniversary edition. It looks nothing like the 2x2 on the web page. The serial # is missing.
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