Pro tools application has stopped working, windows will notify me if a solution is available

I have M-Audio and Pro tools SE 8.0.3 I have a 64 bit system the problem is this : first I load program, then click new session, then click movie soundtrack, then click choose, then I save new session , then program loads and seconds later a window pops up saying Pro tools application has stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working correctly, windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available...close program... OK, in short, what's up with it?, still haven't heard anything from windows and this is the first time i have tried to use movie soundtrack, Do i need to purchase something else or get a plug in, or can you tell me if PDR-8 (power director movie maker ) would be compatible with Pro Tools SE if I purchase the Avid pro-tools Mp3option. and can you tell me if you sell a program that does the MP3 and easy uploads with a movie maker as a package? or is it that the movie soundtrack wont' won't work because I haven't purchased the mp3 program yet..if this is the case, maybe this info should be easily available.. thank you for reading.
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