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I’m frustrated

Problems with M-audio M-track Interface

I have a M-Track.
I am using windows 7 ultimate, 32bits.
I'm also with the latest version of the driver.
The computer sounds (mp3, VSTs etc) are played by the fast track pro. I can hear these sounds on the speakers.
But the sounds that are captured by the microphone or the guitar is not being transmitted to the computer.
When I speak into the microphone, or when I play a note on the guitar, the green LED lights. This indicates that the product is capturing a sound.
If I turn the MIX knob completely to the left, I can hear the sounds on the speakers. But if I turn this knob to the far right, then no sound is transmitted to the computer.The only input i can get is from the midi controller but thats it...The guitar/line input doesnt work at all
I've seen several articles on the web with people reporting this exact same problem, but in none of these articles had a solution.

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