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When will this be fixed M-Audio driver crashes Windows BSOD DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

I know there is another thread on this but it has been closed for comments with no resolution of a serious problem that still exists.

Despite all the finger pointing by M-Audio at any other possible cause of a BSOD, it is absolutely apparent that many people have exactly the same problem as I do on multiple computers. That is, with no M-Audio driver present the computer runs audio applications glitch free for weeks with no restarts; then install the M-Audio driver and it crashes during audio operations, maybe once in three days, sometimes three or more times in a day.Or it doesn't totally crash but just refuses to record or replay audio.

I bought this gear for a local broadcast radio station as supposedly top quality equipment from a reputable maker, and it is distressing to have the station silenced or disrupted repeatedly in a way that never happened when we used 'cheapo' Behringer interfaces that require no drivers.

If the drivers cannot be installed and work reliably on a majority of real systems 'in the wild', then they are not fit for purpose. It is not acceptable for them to be reliable only under laboratory conditions with a pristine installation of nothing else.

It's long overdue for M-Audio to get some capable software driver engineers and on the case and find out why their drivers are trying to reference paged out code or other invalid addresses under common circumstances across a wide range of different systems.

If this can't be achieved, then the gear is simply not ready for the professional market, and M-Audio should bow out with a full recall and refund to disatisfied purchasers.

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