Microphone Pad with Phase Inverter

In-line Balanced XLR Pad and Inverter

The M-Audio Microphone Pad with Phase Inverter is a specially designed in-line attenuator for use with most standard mic preamps, including those on the ProjectMix I/O control surface. It attenuates the signal from your mic—without affecting the voltage when phantom power is engaged—so you can record high-SPL sources without clipping. In addition, the product features a phase inversion switch to eliminate potential phasing issues.


  • In-line balanced design
  • XLR-M connector on one end, XLR-F connector on the opposite end
  • Attenuation switch
  • Phase inversion switch
  • Patented circuit attenuates microphone audio without affecting phantom power
  • Compatible with standard XLR and XLR/combo jacks